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“Now what do you think, brethren, is body permanent or impermanent?”
“Impermanent, Lord.”
“And is the impermanent painful or pleasant?”
“Painful, Lord.”
“Then what is impermanent, painful, and unstable by nature, is it
fitting to consider as, ‘this is mine, this am I, this is my
“Surely not, Lord.”

“So also is it with feeling, perception, the activities, and consc-
iousness. Therefore, brethren, every body whatever, be it past, future,
or present, be it inward or outward, gross or subtle, lowly or eminent,
far or near–every body should be thus regarded, as it really is, by right
insight–’this is not mine; this am not I; this is not my self.’

“Every feeling whatever, every perception whatever, all activities
whatsoever, every consciousness whatever [must likewise be so regarded].

Samyutta Nikaya iii.68