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 This quote from the Sakyong appeared today in my news reader, and I thought it was just too good to pass:

 Love mixed with space is called letting go.

Interesting, no?  It somehow stopped my mind, although I’m not quite sure what grabbed my attention. I know I could definitely use some space in my love life lately… :)

(this is going to be a rambling post, I can already tell… :) )

A friend of mine keeps saying that she thinks everything can be resolved through talking (you can tell she’s studying to be a psychotherapist, right? ;) ). And I realized that somehow being so involved in PT studies I’ve also started subscribing to this view. However, and as I soon found out, for me it doesn’t quite work. Sure, talking helps, and I love when things are out in the open, transparent, where there’s nothing hidden. However, if I don’t really work on things in my own practice, talking doesn’t really help that much. It can sometimes be just a rehashing of stories, spinning around more and more with not a lot of clarity.

And if I work on this issues first on my cushion, let my mind settle down a bit, relax and with that allow some clarity to appear, then perhaps talking can be useful. My mistake lately was forgetting this part and relying just on talking. And now, having just finished a weekend of practice, my longing for a clear and settled mind got reignited. It was like omg, I forgot how it actually feels when I’m actually in touch with reality, and not just spinning around in my head. And it’s something I really want more of. :)