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“What better way to show your appreciation and reverence for your spiritual guru than by wearing his image on your feet! The new “Guru” series Dunks are protected by a fine layer of ‘ziji’ specially-formulated to repel grass stains and habitual patterns, and Nike’s patented ‘Basic Goodness’ polymer gum sole cannot be scuffed, as it is self-existing and eternally renewable!! Also available are the Karmapa designs 1 through 7, each shoe corresponding to the abishekas that he scored from 1973-1981. The SMR ‘pumps’ are slated for limited release next fall, but act quick, the newjack market is booming baby!”

Hehehe, found this via Ninja Pleaze. The Examiner is here
I guess you have to know the Shambhala culture to get this, but to me it’s just really hilarious. Seems like most of it is written by Gesar Mukpo, Trungpa Rinpoche’s son. Some days I just love this lineage.