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you’ve just got to love how a simple sentence from someone experienced can turn your whole drama around. I’ve just ended up talking to my MI, stressing about how unprepared I feel for this coming Shambhala Training Level IV where I’m going to be the assistant director for the level, kinda on the last moment - so i didn’t have time to prepare, i have lots of things to do with school, and in fact i’ll have to miss a whole saturday of the program because of it.
All of this on top of feeling really burnt out, irritated and just generally cranky, and this has been going on for almost a week now.
So, his response was very simple: “Robert, you just have to trust it, trust that what you need is already there, it’s in your bones. You’ve done so many of these things over the years, it’s completely soaked in in you. Besides for Level IV you just have to ask them how they’re doing and just give them space. There’s nothing you need to do.”
Oh. Of course. How come I always forget?


My usual response though is always the same - when I’m uncertain, or stressed I should try harder, get more tight. Even though I know it never works, I still think it’s the right thing to do. Heh.
What a silly mind I have.
It’s all about relaxation, the mind you want is already here. Just give it a goddamn break!