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a little bit more than 1 hour until a new year and I guess it’s as good a time as any to announce one of the bigger changes in my life at the moment.
Few days ago I announced to our Shambhala group here in Ljubljana that I am stepping down as the group coordinator.
This came about mainly because I realized that with my new studies I just don’t have the time needed to engage fully in this position, but the more I think about it and talk with other people, it just really seems to be the right time. My mentors have been telling me that one of the biggest problems with new groups is that at some point the person who started it, needs to move away for the group to continue growing, he has to die to his role, and most people find this difficult. Otherwise, the group gets stagnant and all kinds of conflicts arise and everything is just completely blocked.
I’ve put a lot of effort and energy into it over the years and at this point it feels quite good - I’ve taken it as much as I can and now others need to take over.
I’m still continuing in my role as a meditation instructor and teacher, although my teaching will be very limited. The group will need to find its own way.

So, here’s to endings and new beginnings! May this death brings many benefits to the group and many sentient beings! :)
Happy New Year everyone!