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I’ve just been feeling so tired for the last week or so, I just somehow don’t seem to be able to get any real rest.
I need to learn how to rest in the moments that I have available and not hope for any longer periods of downtime, because it just doesn’t seem to be coming for some time. First exam in my new psychotherapy study is coming soon, we’re finishing our new website for our Shambhala group, in the middle of December we have a major program happening that we still need to prepare things for, write advertisements for it, publish them,…
And of course I’d like to find some time for this new “someone” in my life, at least a few hours once a week would be quite nice.
Of course, there’s that pesky thing of going to work as well. :)
All in all, quite a challenge. :)
How on earth people manage to do all this and on top of that have families and children I really have no clue. Must be some special siddhi (power) that I haven’t been introduced to yet.

At least for now I hope the interview season is over - in the last few weeks I had interviews for Vecer magazine, for a show on Kanal A TV called E+, and just this morning for a national TV documentary show Labyrinth. They are doing a documentary on Buddhism and came to film how does a “regular Buddhist” live. First time a TV was in my apartment. :) At least I got off my lazy bum and cleaned the place a bit. ;)
The show will be aired on next Tuesday, at 6pm on channel 2 of RTV SLO.
Of course, now all I can think of is how much better I could’ve answered the questions. just label it “thinking” and let it go. it is what is is. Next time it will be different.

Oh, and Luka published an interview with me that we did over email some time ago. It’s interesting to see how I answer the same questions quite differently. Somehow this interview seems to have a much sharper tone than I usually have. No idea why. : )