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Death comes without warning,
this body will be a corpse.
At that time the dharma will be my only help,
I must practice it with exertion.

(from Karma Kagyu ngondro liturgy)

I found out yesterday that a friends sister is dying. By the time I’m writing this, she’s probably already passed away. She was not sick. She was 42 years old. She got up in the morning and a blood vessel burst in her brain. There’s nothing they could do.

Things like that still completely shock me. They show me how I still cling to this naive belief that I will just continue. That I will die, but not today. I’ve been contemplating the short excerpt above for the last few years, yet I feel I have made no dent whatsoever in my persistent ignoring of this truth. 

I wish for this person to find a good rebirth, with good conditions for the continuation of her path. May the sorrow of her family and her friends be soothed. May we all realize the preciousness of this very moment. It might be our last.

Update: a few hours afer I posted this I got a call from a friend whose friend just died yesterday. The family would like to have a Buddhist ritual to help the deceased, so we will do a Sukhavati ceremony on Sunday. I hope it will be of some benefit to him and to the family.

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