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I’ve been wanting to change my career for quite a while now, but somehow the circumstances were never right. As much as I still like working with computers, I feel that I’ve done quite enough - I just can’t imagine myself working with this same stuff 20yrs down the road. I’m tired of it, and sick of it to some extent.
On the other hand, I’ve always been interested in psychotherapy, however the situation in Slovenia was never quite clear as to how to go about studying it. However, this year there’s finally an official university psychotherapy study.
So, I think I’ll just jump in. It’s a big commitment, both time-wise and money-wise, but it just feels right.
I feel that it could help me a lot in my work as a med. instructor, and also that I have the skills and abilities that would enable me to be good at it. In many ways, it is a livelihood that is much more in alignment with my bodhisatva vow and aspiration.
It’s about two of my favorite topics - people and mind. :-) How can I resist?
I am concerned though as to how that will impact my work as a teacher and group coordinator, but I guess we’ll just have to see.
Still, there’s lots of fear coming up at this point and doubt. I’ll be sending in the application form in a few hours, so ego still has a chance to grill me until then. ;-) And probably much more later as well.
Time to raise windhorse, invoke the energy of the garuda, and just let go and fly!