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Well, it’s finally starting. Most people have arrived today, and it’s quite a crowd.
It’s quite interesting to see that I know quite the majority of them, we’ve done together one program or another in the past years.
Unfortunately, it seems that once again I might be the youngest person in the program! That’s the problem with these so-called “advanced” programs - in Europe there’s just not that many young(er) people in our sangha who can attend them. Oh well. :)
Another nice thing happened today - I was looking for a quiet place to eat and I sat down next to one guy and he turns out to be in charge of the service at the Court (where the Sakyong is staying), and he asks me if I’d like to serve. Of course I immediately said yes, so I’ll be serving Rinpoche lunch on Thursday.
To the outsider this whole situation with serving the teacher might seem strange, but it is actually quite a skillful means to allow many people to have more contact with the Sakyong. As our sangha grows more and more, having personal contact with him becomes more and more difficult, so it is nice at least to have this option.
And it is just such a pleasure to be able to serve your teacher - and I am not really sure how to explain why this is so.
Devotion is one of the main aspects of the tantric teachings, and while I am really a complete beginner at this, I am slowly beginning to understand its importance. I mean, the root guru is the one person who shows the true nature of your mind to you, and how can there possibly be anything more precious in the entire universe? Every time you see him, it reminds you of your own true nature, your own naked mind that he pointed out to you so skillfully. It completely transcends any words I can possibly think of.