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well, I made it. 12 hours all together, I guess not too bad. Charles de Gaulle airport is as confusing as ever, takes ages to get away from it.
Travel makes me really spaced out, and it usually takes me a few days to really arrive. Still, it is just so nice to be back here in Dechen Choling. Part of me always wonders, why the hell don’t I just stay here…
I’m too tired to write much more right now, time to take a shower and go to bed.
I’m actually a few days earlier here, because I’m part of the staff for the program - I’ll be doing audio recording, and that’s why I also have my laptop with me. Which is a bit of a two-sided sword… It’s nice to have, but it’s also quite a distraction, and I usually just really want to immerse myself completely in the program without any connection with the outside world. Having wireless internet available on the land is definitely not helping with that!
The actual program starts on wednesday, so hopefully I’ll have some of this time for practice, letting me finish my ngondro completely.