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I’m off to
Rigden Abisheka
tomorrow, and I’ll be gone for about 12 days.
This will be the largest program ever in Dechen Choling, around 230 people. It will be given by my root guru, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. It’s been quite a while since I’ve last seen him, and am very very happy to have this chance.
And of course, the Abisheka itself. You could say that it’s the culmination of my 12 years of practice.

You wouldn’t believe the wardrobe I’m bringing with me for this. :)
We’re supposed to be wearing all white for the Abisheka itself, which was quite difficult to find.
And we’re also going to be doing ngondro practice, and we won’t be able to wash things so I’ll be bringing:
- enough t-shirts for 12 days, sweatpants, nonformal clothes
- lots of formal clothes - two formal jackets, one white and one black, matching pants, probably around 6-8 shirts, long sleeved,short sleeved, matching ties (i even have white ties!)
- ngondro materials - i’ll be bringing my own rice with me (sheesh!)
- plus the usual socks, shoes, sleeping bag, rain gear, a zafu

This will be more packed then when I went for the one month retreat. I might take some photos of trying to pack it all in. :)
It’s 19:30 now and I really have to start ironing all of these shirts and pants. As usual, I leave it up to the last moment…