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Had a first party in my new apartment yesterday. A bit late to call it a housewarming party, but I decided to call it that nevertheless. :)
I’m generally really not a one to host parties. In fact, I’m not sure if I ever hosted any before. Hmm. Perhaps I did a few, but they must’ve really been a few. Generally, I’m quite shy and not very outgoing, so the thought of actually throwing a party always seemed a bit scary. Not to mention that it just seemed like such a hassle. Well, since it scared me so much, I thought it would be a good practice for me. And what did I find out?
Well, it still is a hassle. :) But it’s also quite nice. :) I did get caught up a few times when preparing for it to go into the old mode, oh, why am I bothering, this is too much work, I have to get all these things, have to coordinate all these people, and what are we going to do, oh, it’s going to be a terrible party, i’m too boring, … lalalalalala. :) So, instead of focusing on others, it got all focused on me, and my small thingies. When I noticed it, I just turned it around, thinking of my friends that I’ve invited, how nice it will be for them, and how nice it would be for all of us to have this time together. It was quite interesting how quickly that worked. I do want them to be happy, and me too. And when I do that, it’s really not that much of a hassle at all, it’s actually quite joyful. As the Sakyong says, “Extending yourself to others is the way to happiness”.
And we had a great time, I just let it go how it wanted to go and it was quite laid back, but at the same time very pleasant. There’s really not that much that we need to do to enjoy each other’s company, instead it’s quite enough to just be in each other’s company.