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I think one of my more annoying faults is that I keep ignoring/postponing things. Like what I just did - I still need to do 4 days of Primordial Rigden Ngondro before the abisheka. I had a plan of going to Hamburg for it, but I thought I’d first check if there was anything closer. Ticket to Hamburg was 130 EUR at that time. I kept posponing the whole thing until today, when I found out I just missed a 4 day retreat in London and the ticket went up to 215 EUR. Sigh. That’s a bit too much for 4 days.
Now if anyone knows a cheap way of getting from Slovenia to Hamburg, or another place where I could finish my ngondro, it would be much appreciated.
Or perhaps somebody wants to come and visit Slovenia and also do their Primordial Ngondro ? You’ll get free stay with me! :)