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I did a stupid thing. A thing that I vowed that I won’t do again. And I hurt another person, as I did before.
Will this never end? Sigh. How long do I need to keep repeating the same mistakes before I finally learn?
Buddhas, bodhisattvas, all the dharma protectors, I call upon you. Please grant me your blessings, so that I will not hurt other beings. Grant me awareness that sees what I’m doing, and the ability to say NO. Please, please, let me learn how to say no to my stupidity.
Dharma protectors, wake me up, shake me up, slap me in the face so I see what I’m doing.
I do not want to hurt others anymore or myself. It is enough.
I know I am Buddha, as are all beings. All this stupidness can never touch my true nature, I know that. I have been pure from beginningless time, I know that.
But I know it just in my thoughts and I keep doing what hurts me and others.
Please grant your blessings, that no matter how long it takes, one of these lifetimes, I finally learn how not to cause harm.