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Well, the weekend is over and it went surprisingly well. The whole structure of these levels is so well made, that as my friend Jim said, it’s almost teacher-proof. Almost but not quite! ;-)
It is amazing though, how people can go so deep in only a weekend, and how the experience of the participants tends to really go with the teachings that are presented, actually anticipating the teachings.
Level 3 actually marks quite a profound shift, from shamatha mindfulness/awareness to the open space of vipashyana, with much more emphasis on postmeditation and practice being continous - off and on the cushion.
Beginning of that, of course, but still a big step. Things are shifting from THIS to THAT. It was quite interesting to see how that provoked irritation and poverty mind - how can we expand out, what about me? Isn’t this about working on me?
You mean, I can just let go of this and go out? What about my dramas ? I need to experience myself, feel myself.
We had lots of fun exploring these kind of questions.
I’ve also learned a lot, about the teachings and more so about my own cocoon, fears and insecurities. And also that I’m not stuck in them, and can just go out,relax and do it.
A tremendous gratitude to the lineage of warriors who brought these teachings to the world, these teachings that are so timely for this dark age. I bown down in gratitude and love.