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some lessons from yesterdays talk:

  • If I see that I’m getting distant, that I’m not connecting, I try harder. Of course that makes it worse, and is indeed part of my cocoon
  • it’s fine to stop, even if I haven’t covered all the material that I “should’ have covered. Believing in this should makes me try harder, and I get more distant. see no. 1. :-)
  • trust the first thought glimpse and have the courage to stay with it and honor it.
  • if i feel tired, i try harder, making myself feel more tired. Beginning to see a pattern? ;-)
  • it’s fine to say that I can’t answer this question at the moment. instead of trying harder. ;-)

all in all it went well, although too long, and the last part of the talk was a bit of a drag. see points above. The main message got across though, people seem very interested and curious, and I’m looking forward to how the rest of the weekend will go.
It seems the main theme for me is going to be “daring to be genuine in every moment” and learning what that really means.