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In less than 2 weeks time (yikes!) I’ll be teaching my first Shambhala training level, a level III, titled Warrior in the World.
I’m currently going through the source material, making notes and just generally contemplating the material, trying to live with it as I go through my day. Panic arises here and there, doubts and confusion, but perhaps I’m getting more used to that by now. Or perhaps it’s not close enough yet! (more likely). As of this moment, I really have no idea how to teach this, or even what this is. A big soup, quite inspiring most of the time, but also confusing and challening.

for a taste, here are some of my notes from a chapter from Shambhala Sacred Path of the Warrior book, that I just finished.

  • The goal of warriorship is to express basic goodness in its most complete, fresh, and brillian form
  • this happens when you realize that you do not possess basic goodness, but that you are basic goodness
  • training of the warrior is to rest in basic goodness, simplicity - egolessness
  • to be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life
  • duty of the warrior is to cultivate warmth and compassion for others
  • discipline - how to become thoroughly gentle and genuine. go beyond selfishness. promote egolessness in oneself and others
  • warrior is always on the spot. The setting sun concept of rest does not apply (yikes!)
  • fearlessness - you are prepared to be awake in every situation, because you are not on the side of success or failure

Nice, no? Now, this was supposed to be the material for a talk on gentleness, which has the threefold logic of sensitivity as the ground, true perception as the path, and softness as the fruition. Hmm… It does not connect so far…