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Dear friends,

this is a special announcement regarding a very special event.
On this very auspicious day, the leader of Shambhala group Ljubljana, one known as Clarity, has finally, after a lifetime a secret training, achieved his most precious goal - he completely realized a state of StarTrekhood, and his body,mind and speech have become inseparable from the spirit of Star Trek and all their holy masters - captain James T. Kirk, captain Picard, captain Katherine Janeway and all the other bodhisattvas, dakas and dakinis who have served and are serving on board of the starship Enterprise.
This special event took place in the early hours of this morning, after an ardous whole night startrek ™ meditation, where Clarity has finally succeeding in watching all the episodes of StartTrek known to exist in this universe. A poweful beam of light descended on Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and everywhere were heard the powerful words of enlightenment: “Beam me up, Scotty!. At this very moment Clarity completely dissolved into light.
Many have speculated before on the connection between Shambhala and Federation, as their stated goal is uncanilly similar - to build an enlightened society.
This evening, at 18:00 Central European time, there will be a special celebration, where the alliance between Shambhala and Federation will be publicly announced. This event will take place aboard the starship Voyager, who has especially for this occasion jumped through a wormhole in space-time continuum and graced us with their presence.
All are invited to join us, and if you wish to do so, we ask you that at 17:50 you start a session of startrek ™ meditation, with the use of mantra: “OM STARTREK, HOW CAN I LIVE WITHOUT YOU HUM. At precisely 18:00 all will be beamed aboard Voyager.

But this is not all! Among other incredible things happening today, president of Shambhala International, Mr. Richard Reoch, has attained a state of “lightness”. You can read all about it here.

May all beings be free of suffering, and may they swiftly attain the state of StarTrekhood.