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the move

Posted by Clarity on 04 Mar 2006 | Tagged as: Personal

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Wow, I forgot how time consuming moving is. We’ve started this morning around 8:30am and finished around 7ish, so a good 10 hours of packing, carrying down, carrying up, buying new stuff,… I’m exhausted.
But I am in my new apartment, most of my stuff is here with me, although everything is still in boxes, and I have no clue where anything is. I did find my teacups, teas and the kettle, so most important things are here. ;-) I ended up buying a new washing machine and a microwave oven, and it felt really weird - like I’m finally being domesticated!
I had tremendous help from my parents and my friend Matjaz, for which I’m really grateful! I’m so lucky to have such people in my life.
Anyways, too tired to say much more right now, so off to bed, first night in a new place. Exciting!

new apartment

Posted by Clarity on 01 Mar 2006 | Tagged as: Personal

terrible events in slovenia

Posted by Clarity on 01 Mar 2006 | Tagged as: Shambhala

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