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i’ve been noticing for a while that the place where i notice fear on a consistent basis is in the elevator. Not fear of enclosed spaces, or anything such, but just general awkwardness.
I work in the center of the town, contracting for a bank, and so everyday i ride a elevator there. It’s very interesting to observe how relaxed I am if I’m there by myself, and how I just close down, get enclosed in my small space if someone enters. Should I greet them, or just ignore them? What language to greet them - they might from one of the embassies who have their offices in the same building? Where do I look? ;) If it’s crowded, where do I stand, do I make eye contact with people there or avoid them? It’s kinda weird to be so awkward around it, but it’s also fun to practice with. Make eye contact, smile, greet somebody who is in a bad mood, somebody in a good mood, somebody who ignores me (that’s hard!). Look how this process of withdrawing works, play with it, don’t take myself so seriously… ;)