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so what was the outcome of this training, you might be wondering? ;-)
well, it seems the people there thought I am ready enough to start teaching Shambhala Training levels 2&3, which frankly, surprised me a bit and also scared the hell out of me.
It seems the lineage trusts me much more than I trust myself, but then it seems it has always been that way anyway. ;-)
Through their trust I then slowly gain confidence myself. So much of this path seems to be about confidence, it’s sometimes quite freaky. Confidence, confidence, confidence.
Another thing from this training was that it was really wonderful to spend this time with around 30 people, who are just so completely committed to this path, who are willing to devote their lives to helping others, serving others through teaching.
And they are amazingly sane people! ;-) Very inspiring!
It’s an amazing tribute to the power of this lineage and these teachings to witness that.