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update from cologne: things are going well, lots of people on this training that i´ve met over the years, lots of new people as well. excellent talks, and i also gave my first talk, which seemed to have been well received. i ran a bit out of time, so i couldnt really express everything that i wanted, but still, it was ok, and the feedback i got was very helpful.

i’m still anxious about the shambhala talk tomorrow, though little more at ease. if it will be horrible, then let it be that way, might be interesting to experience that as well. maybe it would soften some of my arrogance that is starting to develop!

the talk went ok, although not as well as the buddhist one, but then I expected that. It did help with my arrogance though, especially the feedback I got which was actually quite helpful and I received lots of necessary information for me to improve. Of course, the ego grabbed onto that, and I went to the other side of arrogance, self-doubt and self hatred. Not very pleasant at all!