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The storm seems to have passed, more or less, and I’m ok, just completely exhausted. Today was a rough day, it’s been a while since I was so caught in an emotional upheaval. It is good to remember the cocoon and how painful it is to be trapped in it. How little space there is in there, no vision, just lots of reactivity and blame.
I aspire that it would soften me further, gentle me, and allow me to cultivate compassion, for myself and my fellow beings trapped in this same f**** boat. I really wish noone to go through this kind of hell of our own making. It also put a relationship with a dear friend to quite a challenge, and I felt quite hurt and apparently she did as well. :(
The bodhisattva of compassion is sometimes depicted with thousands of arms, in each something that would help. Right now I wish that instead of thousands of them, I just had two very long and big ones, and could embrace this whole suffering world with them. (i know, a weird image). and especially you…