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Posted by Clarity on 16 Nov 2005 | Tagged as: Personal

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one nice side-effect of today’s shopping trip was that I got myself a nice bottle of Bordeaux Superieur. I have to say I never really cared much for wine, even in my drinking high-school/university years.
Now I think that was because I didn’t know French wines at the time. This is something completely different, even a cheap one like I got today (only 500 SIT! = $2.5) is like nectar compared to what Slovenian wines are like.
Actually, to be hones, I did drink one nice Slovenian wine, but it costs $4 (800 SIT) for 1dcl. That, I have to say, was quite good. I’m planning on taking our next visiting Shambhala teacher there, to see what he thinks of it.
He visited once before, and he tried the wine my stepfather makes in Dolenjska, and I wish I had a camera to snap a picture of his face, when he started drinking it!
But I’m curious - do my kind visitors know of any good Slovenian wines?


Posted by Clarity on 16 Nov 2005 | Tagged as: Personal


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