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What a pleasant surprise I got this morning (not!). I woke up and thought, brr, it’s really chilly, must be really getting cold outside. I made myself breakfast, and it’s getting colder and colder. I put some more clothes on and check on the heating. The machine is whirring away, but alas, no flames (it’s a gas heating system). And the temperature shows 20. Not good!
I prod the machine in every hole it has in the hope of restarting it, nothing works.
Then comes the even more wonderful part, trying to find a repairman. I wonder if it is so hard outside of Slovenia here, but here they are notorious for being really hard to find, charging extorbitant amount of money and you always have to be there to watch what they do (how’s that for a bunch of stereotypical general gossip in one sentence?)
Anyways, first we did some on the phone support excercises:
- does it have a chimney?
- well, it has something that looks like a chimney
- ok, look on top, find a red or black button and press it. It should have two wires coming out.
- i somehow manage to climb to the top, all the time my cellphone chirping telling me that my battery is going to die any minute
- i see no wires anywhere. I look and look in all places, wondering what is he talking about. I started to feel like what I would imagine our customer feel when they’re with us a computer support call. Except of staring into a desktop I’m staring at the dusty top of a gas heater.
- well, there’s this black button
- ok, press that.
- but it doesn’t have wires coming out, it’s a tube
- ahh. then you have a model without a chimney, but “giblledy gobbledy gook” model. Gee, it sure looks like a chimney. (what version of Internet Explorer do you have? - What’s an Internet Explorer? The thing you use to get on the internet. - You mean a computer? It says dell xp360 on it, it’s that it? - sigh)
So, with that model we can’t do anything. I have to come and look at it. But there’s no time. I really can’t tell you when I can come. Where do you live?
- central Ljubljana
- oohhh. (sounds very disappointed). You know, perhaps we won’t even go there. We get parking tickets. You should talk to the mayor. ok, we’ll come. Wait a minute, who is going to pay for this?
- ? well, the landlord is going to pay
- oh, then we won’t come at all. We don’t want to deal with landlords. (!!!!)
- no no, i’ll pay you myself. i’ll deal with the landlord.
- ok, we’ll come, but really don’t know when.
- well, that’s really not good? days, weeks, longer?
- well, I hope it’s going to be sooner than a week

Yikes! i’ll freeze way before then.
So then I call my landlord and tell her that she should really get somebody, like, today. And believe it or not, she found somebody and he’s coming around noon. Now let’s just hope he can fix the damn thing.

UPDATE1: a few hours later this same repairmen calls me and says that they found out that my landlord hasn’t paid some bills from 2 yrs ago, so they won’t get coming at all. Or they’re not sure if it was my landlord, but someone from the same address. Well, that save me from figuring out how to tell them that their services are not wanted

UPDATE2: another repairmen comes and fixes everything in 15minutes. Very nice, tells me what to do in the future if the same thing happens