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Posted by Clarity on 08 Oct 2005 | Tagged as: Personal

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I’ve been finding that to-do lists are very helpful for me. I’m generally so disorganized it’s quite amazing that I get so many things done as I do. However, I’ve been slowly trying to get used to making to-do lists and when I actually do get to do them, I’ve always found them helpful. Not that I do everything that’s on them, but still, there’s a sense of accomplishment as I see that I actually did get to do quite a few things. Even more so, it seems to unclutter my mind, so I don’t have to keep worrying what are all the things I need to be doing. And sort of gives me more of a sense of direction, instead my usual fogginess, which is quite welcome.

So, for this weekend, this is the list:

  • send materials for Shambhala study group - done!
  • write a letter of invitation for the Sakyong - uhh, I’ve been avoiding this for way too long
  • clean the apartment - bathroom, kitchen (heh, half way done), room - swept the floor, i think this is as much as i’m going to do today
  • do the laundry, put away dry clothes, iron shirts
  • go to store, buy cornflakes and cleaning materials - done!
  • look again at Being Human, get more clear on what you want to base your talk on - still more to do but a good start
  • change plane tickets for Jim
  • prepare for lectures - intro to meditation on Wednesday and intro to Buddhism on Sunday
  • do some practice - Manjushri and Primordial Rigden ngondro I think would be appropriate. Upd: only got to do shamatha - still good
  • go OUT!!! Put those rollerblades on! - Done! Had a nice walk around the castle, met a friend, had a really nice time
  • send out a mailing for the Wednesday open house talk
  • look at .net programming examples? I’d like to bring more of .net into our project, so need to learn it
  • prototype.js for our project
  • read a bit of Wake Up To Your Life by Ken McLeod - amazing book
  • update shambhala.si and buda.si
  • upgrade Movable Type to the final version

Heh, all this in one weekend? Looks more like a week-plan to me. Well, I’ll be happy with whatever I get done.
Update:: all in all, i’m quite happy with this day, I even cooked myself some food, which is really rare for me and just finished watching Dazed and Confused. I think I could do without this though, apart from great music I couldn’t say I enjoyed it much.

using the Prototype library

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cleaning practice - whew!

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