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well, the story with these hackers continues. I still haven’t found how they got in, but it seems it might’ve been through Webmin. As I was looking at things I noticed that a lot of software on my server is old, and there have been various security issues fixed in new versions (like apache, webmin,ssh).
I’m hosting on Adiungo and they have been mostly ok, except for when a similar thing happened about a year ago and now.
If you look at their hosting page you will see the following sentence:
Our service includes 24 / 7 support, proactive managed security updates and permanent server monitoring.

You want to know what “proactive managed security updates” mean to them?
response from support no. 1:

We would reccomend to reorder a package completely to one of our current packages: There you will be provided with latest versions of software.

That means starting fresh, setting everything up for all my sites, databases, creating new emails. Plus it’s almost 3x as expensive as what I have right now.
I tell them that this is not the best solution and this is not what I imagined managed security updates look like.
respone no. 2:

Yes, it would be a case in a standard situation, but the software on your VPS, including kernel is outdated and requires a complete update.

Ok, so then I say why are you advertising this if you’re not providing the service? At least then provide me with a new server but let me keep the same price - as it was done a year ago.
their response is a true gem:

Thank you for your request.

You can make a security update by yourself for your VPS using SSH at no price.

Please let us know what you feel,

Guess how do I feel about it? If I wanted to update everything myself I would not go for a managed package I would be running my own server. Hmm…