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Today a friend wrote to me that he tried to sign up for a Dreamhost account via my link and noticed that if you enter the promo code 888 as I suggested, you do indeed get 80% off - so the whole year of hosting comes to 24$!!!, but that voids my referral fee so I don’t get anything. He suggested that perhaps it would be better to take off the promo code.

Hmm. What to do?

I thought for a while and then came up with this: Dreamhost allows you to create your own promo codes, where you specify how much discount the customers get, but the amount goes from your reward money. So, I thought, ok, let’s leave the 888 code up and create my own code that would split the fee 50/50. That was fair, right? After 888 code won’t work anymore, you can still use my code and get 50$ off. Not bad. But then I thought, hmm, why not make this into a practice a bit. 50/50 is comfortable, what about giving a bit more. Hmm… Tightness in my throat… ok,well, I guess I can give you guys 60$ off. ;-) So interesting to see where my limit would be and how tight I can be with money that’s not even mine, which I might never get (since there isn’t much chance of anyone signing up from my blog). Oh, and I can’t cash it anyway since they only use Paypal, I can only use it for hosting fees.
Guess what I ended up doing? Well, use promo code BUDDHA and you’ll see!

Hehe, ok, I’ll tell you - it gives you $97 discount which is all of my reward money. What do I get from it? Well, nothing. Isn’t it great? :-)
And in case for some weird reason you would WANT to give me some money and you yourself pay MORE for your hosting, use code CLARITY which will give you $50 discount and I get the rest.