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I’ve kept coming across Prototype Javascript library while looking at different AJAX libraries, and although it looked really good and had amazing support in Ruby on Rails, it has absolutely no documentation and I wasn’t about to spend that much time deciphering how it works from the sources.
Now, a kind soul who did just that wrote an unofficial documentation for it: Developer notes for prototype.js. Excellent!
I’m thinking of using this for our electronic banking product I’m working on, instead of the spaghetti code that I cobbled together.
UPDATE: it turns out that prototype.js only supports IE 6+ and Mozilla browsers. For the work project I need IE 5.5+ support, so it’s a no go. So, I started refactoring my own code and as a by-product I’m learning tons of new stuff about Javascript and it’s OO stuff. Javascript refactoring has been very helpful as has been this: Javascript closures. I still don’t completely get closures I have to say, must look into it some more.