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As I was walking home last night from work, the rain was falling and it was quite cold. Around the 3bridges, near Kavarna Plocnik I saw a woman lying on a bench, on a tiny cardboard, and she looked like she was sleeping. As I saw her, my heart just broke. Yet I didn’t stop. I didn’t know what to do. I went on walking, contemplating that we should really start doing something about the homeless situation here.
This morning, my friend Petra found her dead as she was walking home from work. Nobody stopped, except her.
In her words:
I was walking back from work, and was surprised by death and impermanence. She lay on the ground, beside a bench on a pavement. I knew she was dead as soon as I looked at her, but I still checked her pulse. She was cold and her skin was blue. A woman with no name was lying on the asphalt, on the wet cardboard. She wore dirty pants, and her naked torso was covered by a flanel shirt, which she did not wear. She only wore one shoe, she had no other things. I sat next to her, like keeping death company, so that she would not be so alone, until the police and the medics arrived. I looked at her corpse and wondered what things she went through in her life, where she is going next. She lay alone in this difficult moment, on the wet naked ground. still, this was not enough for those before me, who saw her, yet nobody stopped, everyone hurrying to get to work, to do their errands. How shameful, bizarre of this humanity…. I started crying and started doing tonglen, so that I can do at least something for this being, I forgot about myself, I wished I would know this before, I wish all would know this, all the time

UPDATE: I walked by again this morning on my way to work and there was a group of homeless people sitting on the bench where she died. They were just reading an eulogy for her that one of them wrote on a tiny piece of wet paper. 2 candles were burning. They asked for some money, they want to light 11 candles for her, one for each. Her name was Marica.
We talked for a bit, I asked if they can light a candle for me as well. One said she was still alive at 6:30 this morning, he was with her and covered her with a shirt. They all wondered what happened that she was half naked, in the evening she had full clothes on and a sweater (i saw that too). Sadness and love was palpable.