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I’m finding myself with too many things to study. The Dharma is so vast, it is sometimes completely mindboggling.
At the moment this is on my study list:

  • Being Human - i’m coteaching this in about a month, so i better get familiar with it
  • Turning your mind into an ally - preparing for an intro to meditation talk at coast
  • Ngondro manual - Mantra section - i’ve started doing mantra, and i really need to look at all the material that goes with it
  • 4 dignities - i really don’t get them, would like to study more about them
  • Entering the Vajra World - overview of vajrayana, i’ve just started it and it’s really good
  • Warrior’s Assembly talks - i’m slowly going over the talks given at WA. There’s so much material there it can last me a decade