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Well, I have to say I’m really pleased with myself. On the coast I went for a first longer trip on rollerblades, from Strunjan to Portoroz and then Piran. Since I’ve had my rollerblades less than 2 weeks, I was highly sceptical if I’ll be able to do it, especially since it involves going through one of the most touristy cities on the coast, and I had no experience navigating the pavements and such.
Well, thanks to Sonja and Jaka I managed to survive and even enjoy the whole ride. You can see the approximate route we took here: Gmaps Pedometer. Pedometer though it was around 12.5 km/s so probably it was more because of the terrain, perhaps 14? Anyways, I was completely pooped. ;-) Unfortunately, I’ve also found out that my rollerblades are a bit too big, which is really too bad. It makes me much less stable and it’s painful for my legs. I’ll see what I can do with some extra padding, I really don’t want to buy another pair of skates.

But this Pedometer thingie is a really cool hack, don’t you think so?