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So, yesterday I finally gave in, and bought myself something that I’ve wanted for a long time. Rollerblades!
I bought these:

There was a sale, so I got them at 50% off and they were finally in range of what I might be persuaded to spend on such a thing.
I’ve only skated once in my life, haven’t been skiing since elementary school and generally am not doing lots of sports at all. In fact, I’m really bad at taking care of my body. I’ve tried running, and i do like going bycicling, but it’s all very limited. My body neuroses seems to be pretty deep in this regard and is definitely oriented towards not moving, or moving as little as possible. ;-) very strong laziness!
So, this felt kind of funny - there’s a plenty of other things I could be doing to get in shape other than rollerblades and it would be much cheaper, but my mind got excited about this. In a way it felt like treating myself as a kid - instead of being all reasonable and seeing I can’t afford this, and I could run instead and get the same effect, just going with it, kind of like, if this is what gets me to excercise a bit, why not? it’s actually a small price to pay to finally make me go out and something for my body.
so, we’ll see how it’ll work out, but it’s been fun so far! it’s definitely NOT easy, and I’m wondering if perhaps I should take lessons, but from what i’ve seen, the lessons cost as much as i payed for the blades themselves. hmm.
i looked on the net, and found some nice advice:
How to Fall on Inline Skates Hehe, very important!
and How to stop on inline skates - essential!
Both of these are not very intuitive, especially the breaking part - i’m not sure if I would’ve figured this out just by myself.

I’ve skated a bit last night and for a few hours today and while i’m still definitely wobbly I haven’t fallen yet and it’s been lots of fun, and I definitely got some excercise! What I need now is some more protective gear as the shops I’ve checked were all out, so I only got elbow pads. So, it’s good I haven’t fallen yet!