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From marv on record, archive:
Burning through Napster’s collection, free.

He figured out a way to burn music you’re listening from napster to disk - nothing really special, just record sound out from your sound card to .wav file and then encode.

first i dismissed this, as napster is currently us,uk and ca only, but i figured, hey,let’s give it a try.
so, i download the client and sure enough on start up it says, sorry, your country is not supported. well, let’s see if we can change this.
go to IE, set proxy to my web server that i have in uk, restart napster again - voila, i can login!

now, the second hurdle - in order to sign up for 14 day trial, it wants a credit card. So i give them a slovenian credit card, in county i say NA and it goes through OK! So now I have a great way to listen to music, napster’s collection seems to be enormous and they have pretty good discovery and sharing mechanism. so, even though i haven’t even tried doing the trick mentioned in the above post, i ended up with a nice service. we’ll see if they’ll take my CC after the 14 day trial.