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It was one thing when Ramsey Clark called for impeachment of President Bush. He is, after all, the head of a Red/Pinko anti-war organization and we should expect anti-war leaders to start such campaigns. That was last November. When articles of impeachment were posted you knew that Liberal/Progressive website CounterPunch had joined the campaign. That was January.

Deep in the caucuses of Congress, plans were quietly drawn up by Democrats considering impeachment and things got much more serious. That was March. On the net, Democratic Party activists are pledging revenge for Clinton’s impeachment.

But when heavy-weight opinion-makers, like the New York Times’s Paul Krugman, allege fraud, smart money gets off the table. In response, President Richard Nixon’s White House lawyer John Dean wrote “this is the first potential scandal I have seen that could make Watergate pale by comparison”. That was June.

Google reports 36,800 instances of “impeach” and “Bush” compared with 30,400 for “impeach” and “Clinton”. (Sorry, GoogleFight is run out.) There are a large number of web pages are selling “Impeach Bush” bumperstickers, but…