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Daily Kos: Come to Jesus, Iraqis, well the 98 percent who aren’t Christians

During a weeklong whirlwind trip through Iraq in May, 13 evangelists delivered more than 100 New Testaments, copies of the Gospel of Luke and “Why Jesus” booklets to Iraqis and American troops.

“Most of the people we gave them to grabbed them, kissed them and hugged them,” Carl Medearis, one of the trip leaders, wrote in an e-mail he sent back home to America. “A young man I gave one to burst into tears and said over and over again, ‘My family will be SO happy when they see this.’ Another man told me he had searched for the Bible for years but didn’t know anyone who could tell him where one was. Everyone begged us to come back.”

well, you can make up your own mind about this, but frankly, it sounds quite incredible…