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This all started when I tried to read Jon Udell’s weblog through a web browser on my Nokia 3650 - it loaded around 360kb worth of stuff and the layout was such that i needed to scroll for about 10 minutes to actually get to the articles. Needless to say I was not very happy with this. So I emailed Jon and he gave me an idea putting his RSS feed through an XSLT transformet out outputting simple HTML that I could feed to my Nokia. Not knowing much about XSLT i took Aggie’s default stylesheet and hacked it a bit to output simple HTML.
Ok, so now I can convert RSS to HTML through an XSLT processor, but it’s only a first step - this has to happen online for me to be of any use. Again browsing through Jon’s articles gave me an idea of of using the XSLT service to make the transformation. And it works like a charm! Except I only get excerpts from the article not the whole thing - again I emailed Jon for help, we’ll see what he will come up with. He’s supposed to have an alternate RSS feed with whole articles but somehow it does not seem to work. I’m sure we’ll work with out though.
Ok, so what else can I do with this? Hmm, I have my news aggregators feed list in OPML, maybe I can convert the list to a bunch of links that would use the XSLT service to render RSS on the fly in HTML?
Few clicks later, and here it is!. Now I just create small HTML page with a link to it, so it’s easily accessible and voila, a poor mans RSS reader for mobile phones is complete!

Wow, that was pretty simple and quite powerful. The power of this kind of ad hoc scripting never ceases to amaze me!