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Cheri Huber-Zen Teacher, Writer, Speaker-One Less Act of Violence

So often we look out at the condition of the world with a sense of hopelessness. There is so much to be done, so much that is “wrong” –what can one person do? A lot. One person can do a great deal. First we can be kind to ourselves. One person can be kind to another. At every opportunity, one person can make a decision toward loving kindness and compassion and away from violence. Two pairs of running shoes, one has leather, one doesn’t. Can you choose the non-leather? This meal could you not have meat? Not every meal–this meal. Could you use the product without mink oil? Could you brake for a squirrel? Could you let that person in to the traffic ahead of you? Could you help an old person with something heavy? Could you…? Hundreds of opportunities every day. Could you just let yourself open your heart to a few? Not all. Just a few. And could you let yourself feel good about your effort? If so, you’ve already improved the entire universe. All that’s necessary is one small step at a time. In each moment we can. Choosing one less act of violence.