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John Gilmore’s home page
Disarming the United States.

The Bush Administration should be forced by United Nations resolutionsto surrender its “weapons of mass destruction” or face the consequences. “Any government that repeatedly threatens and attacks other soveriegn countrieswithout provocation, that holds massive stocks of nuclear and conventionalweapons, that tortures its own citizens and those of other countries, thatrefuses to follow its own constitution and laws as well as internationaltreaties which it co-created and signed, that holds 500,000 political prisonersin its jails, that imprisons the largest number and percentage ofits people in the world… Any such government needs to immediately disarmand submit to a regime change, or face the consequences from the internationalcommunity.” See also thePicturesfrom the Iraq war that the US tried to censor so that Americans couldnot see them.