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So, what have I been up to? Well, a lot. After I came back from Kalachakra I got myself a new job, which is quite nifty, at least so far. I work at a small company  working as a programmer,integrator, systems analyst, you name it. Got to work in a mostly open source environment, linux,perl,apache… I’ve always liked playing with those but most of the time worked in a windows environment. So now I got to join my hobby with my work and I quite like it. I also like scripting languages, small projects, network stuff and it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of those as well.
I’ve also enrolled in school again - College for Social Work and so far Ilike it quite a lot. This is the first time I am at a college and actually feel like I am getting something useful out of it, and also that I am contributing quite a bit. Lots of fun!
I’ve also started again a small meditation group here in Ljubljana, we’re mostly doing shamatha practice and tonglen practice, listening to teachings from Ani Pema Chodron. It’s small but nice, mostly new people, sometimes challenging,but also supportive and inspiring. I do wish we had a good teacher/meditation instructor here who could really lead these things.
I’m also working at a Hospice here, actually I’ll be doing my 2nd accompanying(hmm, this does not sound like a real word) on Monday. I’m looking forward to it, but also scared.
And right now I am reading Sophie’sWorld which is proving to be quite interesting - a look at the different philosophies being put in a novel from a perspective of a young girl.
And I’ll also be going to India soon! On Dec 25th I fly first to Amman, and then to Calcutta. I’ll be staying most of the time in Bodhgaya, listeningto teaching by HH the 17th Karmapa and HH the Dalai Lama. Sounds good, doesn’tit?