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Quicktime VR movie of the land around Gampo Abbey

I’ve been looking at the web site for Gampo Abbey, looking if there are any new things posted, and become quite nostalgic. I’ve spend 2 years there, 1 year of that as a monk. They have been probably 2 of the most difficult years in my life and also probably 2 of the most enriching years as well. I miss being there, and am also glad I’m not there as well. It was like living in a pressure cooker, all my unresoved things were staring at me in living technicolor, my identity, sense of me and the world shattered again and again, and yet the glimpses of freedom, of life outside of this dark smelly cocoon most of us call life were also there, punctuating (puncturing?) the suffering.
I miss my teacher. I know in the end I am my own teacher, yet I miss her. She has shown me what true love really is. She has never given up on me, even when in my opinion everyone else would. She trusted in my abilities to wake up so I began trusting in them as well. She showed me who I am. And I am eternally grateful for that.
And I miss her.