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Shelley writes about Bush and his war on Iraq and what Congress is doing - it seems like nothing - he must inform them 48 hours after attack. Ridicoulous.
There is also an interesting link there, perhaps explaining a lot: Saddam “tried to kill my dad”
Now imagine if they taught Bush some rudimentary knowledge of working with emotions, insight into how the mind works, perhaps a basic meditation? Perhaps nothing would be different, but perhaps a lot.
If instead of drowning our kids in useless knowledge we would teach them how to work with themselves, how to work with their emotions, how to see things clearly, I think we would see a lot less violence. But again, wishful thinking isn’t going to do a lot. So the question is, what can we really do? I have to say the feeling of helplessness is very strong for me and I’ve heard from a lot of my American friends they feel the same. Here is this madman running their country, bringing it into one war after another, and they feel all they can do is just stand by helplessly? Is this really the only possible reaction?