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From The GPL, open source freedoms and the Cold War

For rational people, I can sum up exactly why the GPL is not and in its current form will never be useful for the NSA or any similar enterprise: : “Open� is the exact opposite of “secure.�

The paradoxical notion is that allowing anyone and everyone to see secret data creates greater security. The NSA releasing SE-Linux under the General Public License did not increase cyber-security worldwide.

An article filled with nothing. Saying I will prove it to you and then absolutely no rational arguments, no examples, just a lot of name calling. How can you expect anyone to respect and trust this kind of writing? How is “open” opposite of “secure”?
In the world of cryptography it is well know that the more open the algorithm the safer it is. Why? Because its security is built into its structure and not dependent on being secret. That just never works. Bah!