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I really like what I’m reading on the above mentioned blog.Chapter 8

Of course, individual blogs get really interesting when they’re implemented throughout the corporate hierarchy. Imagine the internal individual blog of a charismatic CEO. Instead of (or in addition to) those Friday afternoon pep talks and the monthly e-mailing of the vision statement, what if the CEO was constantly communicating with the organization through her weblog? The informal tone and personal nature would move beyond the image of CEO as corporate figurehead, and reveal CEO as human being. The same is true for vice presidents and managersâ€â€?they’re all people working together, and a personal blog allows them to share their common humanity with one another as it pertains to the workplace. Doing so creates a workplace that is more humane.

As a manager, individual weblogs allow you to get to know the people you work with on another level, and allow you to do so at a convenient time. Imagine a hypothetical individual weblog for an administrative assistant named Dan. Dan works in a small department with 15 other people; because he’s the only assistant, he’s responsible for a variety of tasks. In a given day, Dan may post three or four entries to his blog: a picture of his grandson’s birthday party that he’s just received; a post announcing that an espresso machine has been ordered for the department, including a link to the espresso machine’s site where others may find details about the new machine; a brief write-up about an Excel spreadsheet that he’s created for people to use to order office supplies; and a review of a book he’s just read that really influenced his thinking.

Anyone from my old company listening?